Hello Adam, I am just back from having a test drive of the car I purchased from you and I am just as impressed with its driving quality as I am with the bodywork, upholstery, the exterior and in interior, all round it is in excellent condition for a car of its year. I am very pleased with it and I should not forget the person/garage that sold it to me. I consider myself very lucky to have picked your garage from all that is on the internet, I was looking for a VW Polo, blue in colour and automatic (as a second car to our new VW Passat R Line so that there is aways a second car available for my wife or myself) and your garage came up from the many.I also consider myself lucky in the fact that I had not seen the car, and as I live at the top of Scotland, all purchase details had to be done on trust which was well founded. I will thank you now for agreeing to fit the new timing belting the deal, then going the extra mile and fitting the new water pump, very much appreciated. Also the delivery was timely as the vehicle arrived within a quarter of an hour of the time the driver of the low bed truck said he had picked up the car and was on his way, especially coming all that way (approx 400 miles) I do not usually get back in this way but as I am so pleased with the way the whole purchase worked out I just had to. I know where to say when friends ask me where did you get that nice car from !!!!!

Thanks again

kind regards

James Gunn (Hamish)